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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back on Track

After a month of being busy, I have returned. Nothing else is new at this point other than my tire going flat AGAIN and I've ordered a new cellphone to replace this heaping pile of shit LG Dare that I've had for far too long. I ordered a Samsung Captivate from AT&T and should have it Monday, hopefully. I bought a refurbished one and didn't have to pay for it which is nice. I looked for coupons online and found one that gave you $75 off of your order and free overnight shipping. The order went in Thursday night so they weren't able to ship it until Friday afternoon and FedEX doesn't do deliveries on the weekend unless you pay for it and I highly doubt AT&T would pay for a Saturday delivery. To go back to the $75 coupon, I wasn't paying a dime for anything up to this point and still had $75 dollars to spend since everything was free! I ended up buying a lot of accessories which I also didn't have to pay for! I'm so so glad to finally be off of the Verizon network. I'll be paying $5 more a month for a smart phone plan from AT&T than I was with a basic plan from Verizon. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


A good listen as well as watch. Check it out in HD.


I was just turned on to the artist Nujabes and I can't believe I hadn't heard of him sooner. His music is absolutely fantastic. I haven't heard but a few songs so far but it's all I needed to hear to know that I love it. His music feels like a mix of instrumental and hip-hop with a dash of piano in there. I could have probably described it better, but oh well. I haven't heard any very similar music so I can't give you an example of what he sounds like exactly. I guess it kind of feels like Blockhead, instrumental-wise, and if you haven't heard of him I highly recommend you go find some of his music to listen to.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010